The February Review

Where the hell has February gone!

I can’t believe we’re already into March, time needs to slow down pronto!

I’m really sorry about the absence over the last month 😦 I have been super busy with work and ended up in a sleep work sleep work routine. Although I didn’t get up to much, here’s a little insight into my life during February!

What Happened?

This month Hudson Taylor went on their Singing for Strangers tour and I was lucky enough to get tickets for their headline date at Shepherds Bush Empire on February 12th. I absolutely love these guys! They are such talented and hard working musicians. I am so happy that they are moving up in the world 😀

Hudson Taylor Shepherds Bush Empire February 12thEarlier on in the month I was named Beauty Blogger of the Week on I am so delighted that my little blog is getting some recognition! As they say “good things come to those who wait”. If you missed the piece you can check it out here! Beauty Blogger of the Week Eyelash in WonderlandMy best friend Podge has been giving out to me about getting more nutrients in my diet so she came up with the whole juicing idea. I bought a blender for £17.50 in Currys (what a steal!) so I could start making some lovely fruit juices. Now the concoction in the picture below wasn’t so nice but the one I made after was LUSH! I’ll pop a recipe up later on in the week.

Morphy Richards Blender


What Have I been Reading?

I’m still being good and keeping up with the reading 😀 I’ve just started How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran and my god it has to be the best book I’ve read in ages! I’m not going to give anything away but it is SO FUNNY! I definitely think every woman needs to read this book 😀

How to be a woman caitlin moran feminism humour

What have I been Watching?

I have no idea why I started watching it but during February I was obsessed with Episodes! I think I managed to get through every episode in under 2 weeks. In case you don’t know, its about a British couple who had a successful TV show in the UK and are asked to bring it state side but it doesn’t all go to plan!

episodes matt le blancBoring aul month for me I’m afraid! March will be the total opposite though 😀 I have so much going on and my favourite day of the year is this month……. PADDYS DAY!

Did you guys get up to anything interesting this month?





Review | Ultrabland by Lush


I have been dying to get my hands on this product for ages and I finally popped into a Lush store and got it. I’m trying to be good to my skin and to do that I need to start off with a good cleanser. If you haven’t heard of Ultrabland, it is made by the lovely people at Lush and is based on an old Greek formula for cold cream. It is fuelled with some amazing elements like almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. When applied to the skin the texture goes a bit oily and it will cling to any dirt or make up on the skin and remove it without any hassle.

You can use cotton pads or a warm flannel to remove it and personally I prefer a warm flannel because it gives my face a good deep cleanse! I started using it over 2 weeks ago and I am really seeing some good results!! My skin feels so soft and a lot of the dry patches have disappeared, I reckon if I use it for another 2 weeks the dry patches will be completely gone. I actually find it quicker to use Ultrabland to take off my make up than make up wipes or micellar water. It felt like a total chore taking off my make up after a long shift and I’d end up leaving it on, now that I’m using Ultrabland it is a joy to take my make up off! I have been using generous amounts on my face for over 2 weeks and there is still so much left, for a 45g pot at £7.25 it is definitely worth every penny. I can’t picture my life without it now, it has impressed me that much!!

What cleanser do you swear by?


#FOTD: Keeping it simple


I wasn’t getting up to much today so I thought I would cut back on the make up. Normally I just throw on a bit of bb cream and end up looking awful so I decided I would put a bit more effort into creating a simple make up look that suits me.

I apologise in advance for the terrible photos. Its been so dark and gloomy most days here in Ireland :/


Just before Christmas I was having a rummage through a basket of beauty products in Aldi when I spotted a Lacura BB cream and this woman next to me was like “this bb cream is absolutely amazing you have to buy it!!” so at €4.99 I had to try it! I used my Real Techniques pointed foundation brush to apply it to my face and it glides across the skin so easily. It doesn’t dry in and cake too quickly which I like, it drives me mad when foundations/bb creams dry super quick! I was really impressed with the coverage and the colour, it gave me a really nice glow and it managed to cover the mahooosive spot on my face.

Next I added some Max Factor Creme Puff powder (Truly Fair) using my Real Techniques buffing brush to the areas that were shiny. I didn’t overload my face with powder like I normally do and my face felt super light 🙂

I thought I would try out the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette* that I got from the lovely people at House of Fraser. There is an endless list of looks that can be created with this palette. I think the colours are fab and the ones that I tried out really suited the simple #fotd I was going for.

I started by applying YDK on the entire lid, then in the inner corner of my eye I added Verve and brought it right out around my crease and blended it in with the colour on my lid. I dabbed a some Pistol on the outer corners and blended it inwards. The finishing touch was adding a small bit of Verve under my lower lashes.  Finally I added a coat of Yves Rocher Beauty Mascara to open up my eyes a bit.

I was really happy with this look! It would be handy for days when I’m in a rush or if a day isn’t worth of a full face!

How do you keep your #FOTD simple?


P.s stay tuned over the next week for some more looks with the *Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (and much better pictures because I’ll be back in London!!!)

Even Blogs Have Resolutions….


Happy New Year Everyone!!

Wow it doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone past! I can remember last New Years (2013) as if it was yesterday, it’s crazy how time flies past your eyes. This year I decided to focus my resolutions on my blog!

I was very good at making a schedule during my first year of blogging but sticking to it was a different story. I think my problem was that everything was all over the place. I had my own personal diary and various different notebooks which was awfully confusing. This year I’ve bought myself a Busy B Busy Life diary that allows you to manage 2 schedules side by side. It was also super cute and came with stickers so I couldn’t say no to it! I have no excuse for not being organised in 2015 that’s for sure!

More Meet ups & Events
I have already been to a couple of events and meet ups and I would love to go to some more! Its a great way to meet fellow bloggers and interact with brands.

Get Rid of
I want Eyelash in Wonderland to become a self hosted blog at some point next year. I feel slightly restricted with the free version of WordPress and with so many creative ideas I’m being held back! Any advice about how to do this would be awesome by the way 😉

Explore More!
I want my blog to take me places. I’d be happy even if it takes me on a 10 minute bus ride down the road. Whether its to visit a boutique, salon or a cafe I want to put my Oyster card to use!

Social Media
My blog finally has its own Twitter page after spending the last year using my personal page. I want to interact with people and get involved in weekly chats (the list is loooong!!). Social media is an important aspect in promoting a blog and I’m doing okay so far but there is more to be done.

Write Write Write!
I’m terrible when it comes to writing my posts. I’ll write then publish straight away and I never think about writing more and having posts in stock. When I’m super busy having posts ready would keep my blog active! Writing and photo sprees are a must!

This is the big one for me! I wanted to set up a channel in 2014 but time wasn’t really on my side. Now that I am going to be good and schedule I would like to set up a channel! I did my degree in Television Journalism and I miss getting in front of the camera!

Those are my resolutions for Eyelash in Wonderland. Fingers crossed this time next year I’ll be writing a post with bigger and better resolutions and not a repeat of the ones I didn’t stick to! I also have a few personal resolutions that I will share when I get back to London 🙂
What are your New Years Resolutions?

Happy Birthday to Me!


On this day last year I was incredibly sick and drinking hot whiskeys when a wonderful idea popped into my head. I graduated from university a couple of months before hand and I couldn’t get full time work. I was either doing freelance work or working at my dads bar and I felt like I wasn’t expressing my creativity as much as I’d like to.

I have been blogging for years so it wasn’t new to me and it was only the fact that I was considering doing a film and TV beauty course that I set up my beauty blog. One year later and I am so amazed at the outcome!! People actually read my writing, I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers, made friends for life and learned a few things along the way

Thanks to all you lovely people who read my posts and followed me on social media! If it wasn’t for you guys I might not have stuck with this blog.

Heres to another fab year of blogging!

P.s…..Keep your eyes peeled for a Birthday Giveaway in January!!



Christmas with Eyelash


You’ve probably all seen that I flew home to spend Christmas with my Mom and what a wonderful time I’m having so far! I love coming home at Christmas although I was feeling super cringey when I arrived at the airport and there was a choir! There’s something about Ireland at Christmas that’s totally different to London. I have never spent a Christmas in London but the whole hype and lead up is not the same.

I’m so busy in my new job and I never have time to myself anymore so when I’m at home I really make the most of my time to relax. My dog Maxie cuddles up on the couch beside me and we’ll watch telly or read a few blogs, its lovely! On Christmas day my family and I spent the morning opening presents and chilling out by the fire.


My laptop died a couple of weeks ago & my mom bought me a new one so I wasn’t expecting to get anything else! She had some little goodies wrapped up for me, how cute is she!!! I got some make up, a cleansing brush, make up brushes, an illuminating mirror, an LED mirror for my handbag and some other bits and bobs that aren’t pictured.


All in all we had a lovely Christmas. The dinner was amazing. the company was nice & I’m looking forward to spending more time with the family before I go back to London.

I’d love to know how you all spent your Christmas day!